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Chef Container is the local choice along the lakeshore of West Michigan for refuse, recycling, yard waste and other disposal services.

Our mission is to help you divert materials from the landfills by creating an easy and simple process that allows you to recycle as much as possible from the items many people simply throw away.

Our exclusive yellow-bag recycling program maximizes the single-stream collection process. This gives us the capability to service your home with just one truck for both refuse and recycling. Learn about all the different ways we can serve you by giving us a call or by clicking through the sections below.

Curb Cart Sizes

You always have options when you choose Chef Container for your home refuse and recycling needs. Whether you’re a minimal-use customer or a busy family, we have a container size that’s just right for you. Click the image to the left to view the sizes Chef Container has to offer.

The process couldn’t be any simpler with the convenience of putting both refuse and recycling in the same container. Not all sizes are available in every area. Feel free to call us for more information or request a quote online today.

Cleanup Dumpsters

Dumpsters are available for short term rental and come in various size shown in the chart to the left (click the image for full view).

These dumpsters are used for various projects including general construction & roofing, flood damage, de‐cluttering & cleaning and moving out of a home. But don’t worry about all your waste ending up in the landfill. We go through every container to sort out recyclable materials such as wood, metal, cardboard, paper, vinyl siding and more.

Prices vary depending on location and time. Call us now for more information or request a quote online today.

Drop Off Location

Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday: 8am — 4:30pm
Saturday: 8am — 12:00pm

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Chef Container is fortunate to have a Materials Recovery Facility, better know as a transfer station right on our property.

At this location you can bring disposal materials from as a large as a Semi‐truck full to as small as a single bag. Think of it as a mini‐landfill without the large hole in the ground.

EcoSort Dumpsters

Chef Container is proud of our diversion efforts which are applied to every inbound load of materials. These efforts remove recyclable and reusable items from possibly ending up at the landfill stream and make our customers better stewards of the earth. Please click here for more information about the EcoSort Process.

Holiday Schedule

If your collection day lands on a holiday or comes after a holiday in the same week you will need to place your container curbside (1) one day later. These Holidays include: News Year Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

Hazardous Waste

You’ve likely heard stories about asbestos, lead paint, and battery acid being dangerous to your health and the environment.

These things, among others, are classified as hazardous waste. Not only are they harmful substances, but in many cases they are illegal to dispose of improperly.

To find out more about hazardous materials and proper disposal, Learn more.

Yard Waste Service

In many communities, Chef Container provides a separate Yard Waste service. This seasonal service, which runs from April 1st — Nov 30th, is for the collection of only grass clippings, leaves, small tree/hedge trimmings and other green waste.

Included in this service is a separate 96‐gallon container specifically for the green waste which is collected weekly. Yard Waste Program Details

Note: This service is not available in all coverage areas. Call Chef Container 616‐494‐0561 for more information or view your respected community page for more details.


Recycling Guide

Here at Chef Container we’ve brought simplicity and innovation together for your advantage.

With our single-stream recycling facility, we take care of all the sorting. Just put everything in the bag and we’ll do the rest.

For a complete list of all recyclable items, View the Recycling Guide.

Take the Recycling Pledge

Even though recycling in Michigan is on the rise, our state continues to have the lowest recycling rate of any Great Lake Region.

Only you can make the difference. Take the pledge today to recycle the maximum amount you can each week.

Be a responsible community member, Take the Recycling Pledge.

Yellow Bags

At Chef Container we’ve taken the hassle out of recycling. With our unique yellow-bag system, you no longer need to do any sorting.

Through our single-stream recycling process, all types of recyclables can be placed in the same yellow bag.
Collecting all your recyclables in one location saves you time and space.

Request A Yellow Bag to see how easy it is.