Otsego City Transfer Selects Chef Container As Partner

Otsego City has selected to partner with Chef Container and Westshore Recycling to handle all materials collected at the local City Transfer facility located behind the DWP facility. This changes allows the residents to bring Single Stream recyclables (non-sorted/combined), this is a change from the source separated solution that previously offered. In addition Chef Container changed over all the landfill bound waste containers for Eco-Sort Container which provides a presort to remove divertible (recyclable) materials prior to landfilling, with this process it will help remove up to 30% of the disposal items from ending up in landfills. A Big Win for Otsego City according to the newly appointed DWP director Mike Bosch.

A special thank you to Otsego City for keeping their community’s recycling within Allegan County.  Local recycling equals local jobs..

Otsego City Transfer