EcoSort Dumpsters


What Are EcoSort Dumpsters?

Chef Container’s EcoSort dumpsters are used by companies in the same way as any traditional dumpster, but the magic begins when the contents of the dumpster arrives at the Westshore Recycling & Transfer Station. This is where our EcoSort Team goes into action. We process the “refuse” material to remove items that are considered recyclable or divertable from the landfill. By adding the YellowBagTM recycling program, we can remove even the finer items such as shredded & regular office paper, metals, plastics, and all other standard recyclable commodities.

How Does EcoSort Dumpsters Help My Business?

For most companies the EcoSort program provides there employees with an easy way to participate in stewardship of our environment. This program will aid in meeting corporate substantiality goals, LEED Certification requirements and can be the beginning to waste reduction strategies, Zero waste programs and/or Zero landfill initiatives.

How Much Material Is Diverted Through EcoSort Dumpster Program?

While there is no magic calculation, as it depends greatly on the material being put into the dumpster at your location, the average EcoSort process removes between 30% to 90% of the waste stream. For example: At a new construction home site, a contractor that is using a standard 25‐yard dumpster will produce about 2.5‐tons (5,000lbs) of waste. The EcoSort team can reduce that 2.5‐tons through the diversion process by approximately 80% which will equal 4,000lbs of debris/material that never ends up in the landfill.

EcoSort Container Configurations

  • Roll Off Dumpsters
  • Compactors
  • Front Load Containers
  • Residential Curbside Collection

EcoSort Industries Served

  • Retail, Restaurant, Education
  • Commercial, & Industrial Buildings
  • Manufacturing, Agriculture
  • Construction, Demolition