Do have the desire to be more environmentally conscious, but don’t know where to begin? Our planet requires that we recycle as much as possible in order to be sustainable, using only the amount of resources that the Earth can reproduce. Chef Container is dedicated to diverting as much material as possible from landfills through our Westshore Transfer and Recycling Station in Holland, Michigan.

As a retail, commercial and/or industrial operation, you have specialized needs for your waste product removal. These needs vary depending on your business, from the amount and types of waste produced to the frequency and times of pick-ups.

Here at Chef Container, we understand that each business is unique. As your local partners in the process of diversion, we are committed to helping you find the best solutions for your business–including options such as ZERO landfill, repurposing, incineration, and more. Take the Recycling Pledge

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Chef Container offers front-load refuse and recycling containers for use in a multitude of different marketing segments, including retail, restaurants, office buildings, manufacturing and other commercial properties.

Call us at the telephone number above to gain additional information and learn more about available container sizes.

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Chef Container roll-off boxes are used everywhere from manufacturing to construction. These extra-large open-top containers are easy to load and provide maximum capacity for all types of materials.

However, what really sets our service apart from the rest is our sorting capabilities. Every container we place is sorted for reclaimable material before heading to the landfill for maximum diversion.

We remove any recyclables including cardboard, metal, glass, wood, siding, roofing and many others. Let Chef Container help you provide a greener environment without any extra effort on your behalf.

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Compactor units are used by many businesses including retail, manufacturing, medical, educational and others.

The high-volume holding capacity of these types of containers is what makes this system of refuse and recycling removal so popular with larger accounts.

Chef Container provides various compactor services including self-contained and structure-mounted units.

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Recycling roll-off containers are specially designed enclosed boxes that provide you with a convenient way to dispose of sorted or commingled recyclable materials.

These containers will help move your industrial, manufacturing, or municipal facility down the path towards a more environmentally conscious establishment.

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Even though recycling in Michigan is on the rise, our state continues to have the lowest recycling rate of any Great Lake Region. Only you can make the difference.

Take the pledge today to recycle the maximum amount you can each week. Take the Recycling Pledge.

Chef Container has the ability to consult with any company, organization or municipality about how and if it is possible to embark on Journey towards Zero Landfill and ultimately Zero Waste.

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Chef Container specializes in delivering customer solutions with regards to waste reduction and diversion for single or multiple manufacturing sites within a corporation.

Our experience ranges from micro-manufacturing locations to some of the largest manufacturers in Michigan.

Our custom tailored solutions are built around your needs and goals with measurable results.

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Many light industrial locations utilize front-load containers for their refuse and recycling services.

Because of Chef Container’s commitment to the environment, we strive to help your business recycle more through an optional commingled dumpster service.

This service allows you to save valuable time, space, and money. Contact us today for an explanation of how this process can benefit you.

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At Chef Container our unique services and sorting facility are just the right combination to cater to specialized companies, from medical offices to catalog businesses and more.

All these facilities have different refuse and recycling needs, and it’s our job to accommodate them.

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Chef Container will help design a program to manage your refuse and recycling needs, whether you have one store or one hundred!

Of all the waste retailers produce, typically 95% of it is recyclable. When handled properly, your waste cost can be dramatically reduced.

Let us show you how to save more money while becoming a better steward of our planet’s resources at the same time.

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Our desire at Chef Container is to work with local educational systems by explaining how to best handle refuse and recycling needs.

This helps maintain an environmentally friendlier learning atmosphere. We have service relationships with single-room schools, entire schools systems and college level institutions.

Partner with us, and we’ll set the example in environmental care for the next generation.

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When it comes to handling your construction waste, no business is more capable than Chef Container.

Because of our unique sorting process, we are able to keep an average of 30 to 80% of your construction waste from ever reaching the landfill.

We also have LEED building certification programs to help make sure your new project is the greenest possible. To offer your customers a higher level of environmental sensitivity, call us today!

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